Haunting at Herdklotz Park a.k.a. Greenvilles old tuberculosis sanitorium

(Sept 4, 2008) Today I was given a tour of where the old greenville TB hospital used to be.

This location was known as the Hopewell Tuberculosis Sanatorium. It served as Greenvilles TB sanitorium from the 1930s up to about 1950. After that is was used to house the criminally insane and then it was used as a prison work release site. Locals call it the asylum, old TB hospital, etc.

In 2001 the building was burned badly and demolished. While I did not get to personally investigate the building prior to it’s destruction, I do remember the location from when I was a kid.

This site has been written about in books on South Carolina ghost stories AND a book about Upstate SC ghosts. Even on the internet the stories about this old site remain…

It was said that on the first floor you could hear footsteps that break into a run and screams. It is also reported that on the third floor you could feel like you were being pushed. Also loud clatter and things moving by themselves along with apparitions. It is also said that you could sit at the driveway and see shadow figures roaming the property.

Some people call this location “devils castle”.. even the ghost books. Fact is “devils castle” is a separate location.

There is some mis-information on the net about the address of this old sanitorium. Some say it is on Piney Mountain rd… it is not. After digging around a little bit I wanted to share my findings so that others who wish to research this site can actually find it.

The actual address is 126 Beverly Rd, Greenville, SC 29609
(off Rutherford Rd. across from Farmer’s Market)

It is now call HERDKLOTZ PARK. Here is my account of the past few days research…

Yesterday my best friends wife showed me the park built on the site of the old sanatorium. While walking around… I was quietly asking if anyone was still there… if so I would come back and do more research.

It was daylight, after we walked around for about 10 minutes we got back to her car and her headlights were on…. they were not on when we left the locked car. So I clearly understood… There is still activity at this site.

This morning I went for my reiki session and my reiki gal was led by her guide to take me back in time to when she used sneak into the old sanatorium.

You know it is now a childrens park right??? AND here is where is gets really weird… they left the original boiler room intact… and possibly the entire basement… both of which were known to be very active areas. Now just sealed up…

They just flattened the old building and built the new playground equipment right on top! The playground is IN the physical space that used to be INSIDE the building.

I recorded our conversation and was quite startled to hear some impressive background chatter and banging in the clips. It was broad daylight and we got very clear lunchroom type chatter and screams. None of which was happening in person… This type of phenomena is known as an EVP.

And I do not mean something you have to strain to hear. You could swear there was all sorts of ruckus around us. So loud at times we would have had to speak louder if it was really there in the present.

They left the original main entry steps intact…. those now lead to the playground. As we stood there we discussed the layout of the original building. On the recording you hear a very clear bell type sound with an echo like in a hall… this sound was NOT in the physical world while we talked. We were standing in what would have been the old lobby.

My recordings outside of the building site sounded less like a cafeteria and were a slightly different nature. Still with banging…

One of greenvilles most haunted old places is still VERY active and is now a place for kids to play! Shall we call it Greenvilles most haunted park?

While my recordings today are more light hearted in nature as far as the nature of the EVPs… I am certain the tone and feel of the recordings will be more sinister once the sun goes down.

Just a few months back, a guy and his friend saw a pool of blood near the horse shoe area. They got freaked out and left the park… A bit later he went back due to curiosity and there was no blood.
This old site was legendary for it’s paranormal activity and it has been converted into a park for families and kids. This lot sat empty for years as commercial and residential developers would not touch it…

My research of this site will continue. Stay tuned for more news from the paranormal!

If you have any stories related to the new Herdklotz Park or the old TB sanitorium, then feel free to get in touch with me. I would love to hear your story!

Jason Profit

in Greenville
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  1. brandy smith
    i went to the herdklotz park after reading that it was the original location of the tb hospital. there was a soccer game going on when we first arrived and we walked around the area as much as possible with the lights on. i got some really warped,blurred photos with a 14 megapixel brand new practically camera. only one shot had what i consider a bit "different". but we hunted for the monument etc. and found it after they had already turned off the lights and the light we had left was from the restroom area. I was still photographing and when i reached the area where there are steps leading to the first playground, i had a strange encounter, if you may. I had tingling up and down the right side of my body and heard clattering and talking in my right ear. i turned and fled being it was the first time i ever audibly heard anything such as that. i told my husband and other couple that was with me but a short distance from me-i had to get out of there and went to the car. As my friend came to the car-she claimed she saw something. i asked her what she saw and she said she saw "something" come to me from the steps and as i had said i had to get out of there and turned to head to car-she claims it followed me for about 4 seconds and vanished. she says it was like a blurring glare or reflection that followed me-not exactly a shadow. just like i get in photos at times. my husband never feels anything on these outings and he got my camera and continued to take photos for a few minutes. My friends husband also claims to have felt a very different feeling, but nothing scary. just an odd tingly feeling in the area at the same time as what i had felt. I know what i heard with my own ear, not by evp. i have thought of buying an evp and havent as yet. I intend to-I'm just a bit frightened as to hearing what they actually were saying in my ear. I've been doing this sort of thing at various places for almost a yr now. this tops them all. I would love to get in touch with you and meet up with you at the park one evening. I'm not sure why this noise singled me out to hear the noises and voices audibly and w/out evp. but i know i did. i went back today with my 14 and 12 yr old while the park was busy with many children playing in the area. i felt the tingles at my right ear but never heard anything. I know beyond doubt that something is there and i'm ever the curious mind and would like to know what the voices were saying to me. I am of the christian faith and probably shouldnt b delving into these things but i believe there are things that are unexplainable. i did say a prayer over the four of us before we left the park that God would protect us and that the blood of jesus to cover us and protect us from what was there. i always do that when i'm researching different areas. Anyway, this is my information and i can be reached at lbsgraphics@smithenized.com or by text or call at 978-9533 or our business at 585-9266. I just know i audibly-in person-heard the sounds that possibly you hear on evp. Thanks, Brandy Smith Spartanburg, SC
  2. Kate Herman
    My great Grandmother Emma Jane Wright Haddon died about 1896 of TB. She left behind four small babies. One, Alpha Omega Haddon was my grandmother. They were living in Cokesburg. I am haunted by the fact there is no record of Emma or grave site. Her husband Augustus E Haddon was remarried by 1900 and still living in the same area. It seems like she vanished into thin air. Her children are not listed on any census as living with her father. In fact, there is nothing about her children until Alpha Omega married my grandfather, Frank Leslie Riley in 1910. Do you have any ideas on how I can find her.

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