Online Psychic Development Class is coming along

by Jason
Online Psychic Development Class is coming along

With the popularity of my Psychic Development Classes over the years, work has begun on converting these classes to an online format.

If you are on my email list, you will have gotten some news about this new online class already… but keep reading as there are a few updates.

Who would have thought that converting six weekly classes into an online format would be so much work… after all my materials have been around for about a decade now.  Regardless, presenting these materials online has introduced several challenges. Usually I get to interact with my class in person, which gives me the chance to explain things in more detail when there are questions. The solution? Adding more detail to the areas where there have been questions in the past… and that leads to increased pre production time.

I have decided to detail some of what it takes to tackle a project like this in hopes that it inspires you… Inspires you to follow your dreams… write that book you have always wanted to… try that idea you have had in the back of your mind… or just get out and pursue a new vision for your life!

Weeks three and four of this class have a lot of technical elements to teach, so I kept finding myself re-working the way certain concepts have been presented in person. Things I would usually just write on the whiteboard in person, to show the order of things, suddenly didn’t make as much sense in a slide show.

My goal was to do pre production work for one weeks class then get in the studio to record it… then a cold decided to land right in the middle of plans. So for the past week, sniffles and coughing have made recording impossible. So I have been sitting here banging away at this keyboard getting the presentations prepared… while also working on getting my daughter over her cold… and amazingly I believe I am actually ahead of schedule!

Even though several clients had to be rescheduled so I wouldn’t pass this cold around… It just goes to show that when obstacles arise, by shifting your focus you can still come out ahead. Even if you are coughing your brains out, blowing your nose and listening to your 4 year old play her drum and trumpet at the same time!

Right now, it looks as if online Psychic Development Classes could open by early to mid April! Now don’t take that as a solid date just yet… but stay tuned as production continues…

Make sure you sign up on the email list over at to find out when classes begin and to get a pre-launch special deal once we open!

~Jason Profit