Best Massage Therapist in Greenville SC | Massage Therapy

by Jason

Want the BEST Massage Therapist in Greenville SC?

The top Massage Therapist in Greenville SC is by far Heather Taylor LMT. She is the one who keeps me from being stiff and in pain with her powerful deep tissue massage.

After several serious car crashes when I was younger, along with injuries from being on top of a TV studio lighting platform that fell to the studio floor… I had plenty of pain every day. Since my 20’s I have suffered from chronic pain in the back and shoulders from these injuries years back.

In my late 20’s I was introduced to the benefits of massage therapy and it’s healing benefits by my best friends wife, massage therapist Heather Taylor. No one had ever been able to get into the tight locked up spots like Heather could. I had tried massage before but others just never seemed to be able to get deep enough to really reach the inflamed areas. What some called deep tissue massage in Greenville SC, just felt too weak to do me much good.

You see as a youth I was big into weight lifting so that left me with fairly thick muscles to penetrate. It takes some some muscle to get into where my knots and scar tissue reside. When this tiny little gal said she could get into my deepest areas and help me heal I laughed at her… not in a mean way mind you. I honestly didn’t believe that a deep tissue massage from her would be any different than any other deep tissue massage in Greenville.

Boy was I wrong! This little gal was able work into my deepest tissues and begin helping me recover from these older injuries. Over the next several years she worked on me regularly and I made great progress…. then she moved to the low country of SC for several years. Over those several years I tried to find an replacement here in Greenville… but nobody could get deep enough to make much difference. I had resorted to rolling around on a tennis ball to try and release painful trigger points. That only works to a certain degree, it didn’t really bring the healing relief of my favorite therapist.

Well I am excited to announce that the best massage therapist in Greenville SC has returned! LMT Heather Taylor has returned to the Upstate of South Carolina bringing her amazing healing hands to help local clients.

Heather Taylor is a born healer who uses the skills of massage therapy in Greenville SC to help her clients achieve better health, more flexibility and reduced pain. She has known all of her life that healing is her calling. As a trusted psychic here in the area I can assure you that is definitely the case! She has the soul of a healer who travels from lifetime to lifetime bringing these gifts to those who need them.

Not only is she amazing with deep tissue work, she also has extensive experience in Swedish massage and specializes in neuromuscular work. This means she is well versed to help you whether you need a light relaxing touch or, like me, you need deep tissue work.

I encourage you to go to her website right now and contact her for an appointment and tell her Jason Profit sent you!

~Psychic Jason Profit