So who is this paranormalist Jason Profit?

Hi, My name is Jason Profit. Your curiosity about me and my services has led you to the right place to find out more! As you may have guessed I am a Mindreader, Paranormalist and Psychic Reader.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

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For a little bizarre background let’s go back to where this all began. Before I was born, my mother used to be known as the one of ladies to call when spirits had moved into your home. A devout Christian, she and a friend of hers would cleanse homes of spirits in the name of God.

Both my mom and this friend of hers are sensitive to what we would call spirits and demons.

Even while pregnant with me, my mom was chasing ghosts and helping folks find peace. On several occasions while I was a young child, paranormal events occurred very close to home.

On one occasion numerous bite marks mysteriously appeared on my legs (in places I could never reach) as one home was finishing a cleansing… On another occasion while my mom and I were playing outside, she thought she saw someone looking out of one of our windows. She investigated and no one was there… Then… As we napped that afternoon a neighbor friend called. A man answered the phone and told them we were napping after having played outside all day.

The strange part is the phone never rang, nobody else was in the home and my Dad was not home!

There are many more ghostly tales, but I will save those for my moms upcoming book…

I’m sure you can understand why I have spent most of my life passionately studying magical arts, psychic phenomena, past lives and all things paranormal. I have always been curious and wanted to understand the unexplainable.

As a child I would get every book on magic, illusion, mindreading and the paranormal that I could find at the library. While I was encouraged to practice party type magic, I was always drawn to the more bizarre side. Old, thick books filled my mind with possibilities of the unknown.

Being of Christian upbringing, I had to secretly study the more taboo stuff. My mom was not fond of me studying the spiritualism, séance and psychic phenomena. Naturally that is always where I was drawn… the more taboo stuff in the back of these books.

These old books taught me things I carried into my teenage years and into adulthood.

Through this lifelong study I have been able to develop quite a number of unique abilities and gifts which I use to entertain and to help people in need of guidance and insight.

On the entertainment side I offer a wide range of paranormal and mindreading shows. My shows are perfect for all sorts of events from weddings to corporate events to restaurants. In my shows you will see demonstrations ranging from mind reading, psychokenesis, telepathy and beyond to ghostly revelations from the other side in my famous Séance Parties.

Many folks are intrigued by reincarnation and past lives and I have done a great deal of study in this field as well. If you would like to learn more about your past lives then you are looking for my past life regression sessions. I would love to help you take a look back into your past lives and see what we can see. One of the greatest benefits of having a regression is the evidence it gives that we are all constantly changing and evolving. Just ask me how you can get scheduled in for a past life regression.

As a second generation sensitive, I have been gifted with an amazing intuition. As I studied the various fields of psychic development I realized I naturally had the insightful intuition that many struggled to develop. As I honed my vision I was able to gain accurate insights and truly help clarify issues for people during readings.

In helping folks gain clarity and reduce confusion I came to realize that this is one of those things I was simply meant to do.

I have been told by clients that I have seen more than any other reader has been able to in the past. I have even been told by a wise mystic whom I ran across, that I have been a seer for many lifetimes. I suppose that is up to you to find out…

From palm reading and beyond, my unique ability to give uplifting intuitive readings and reveal a persons inner-most thoughts and questions continues to be loved and enjoyed where ever I travel.

Nothing that I do is supernatural in anyway… or is it? Consider me a skeptic who has examined the evidence and uses this forbidden knowledge to entertain YOU with mind blowing psychic demonstrations.

Unlike many skeptics, I believe that the paranormal events that are reported all over the world are something to be understood and studied rather than proven as fakes or frauds. Something is going on…

My blog is an entertaining blend of the paranormal, magic, politics, weird news, psychic phenomena, philosophy, motivation, fairy tales and healthy dose of pure fiction…

From strange news to outrageously tall tales, nothing is what is seems here!

Consider my blog a mash-up of all things of interest to me. Be warned though, things may get kind of weird around here… Jason Profit
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