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Best Massage Therapist in Greenville SC | Massage Therapy

by Jason

Want the BEST Massage Therapist in Greenville SC?

The top Massage Therapist in Greenville SC is by far Heather Taylor LMT. She is the one who keeps me from being stiff and in pain with her powerful deep tissue massage.

After several serious car crashes when I was younger, along with injuries from being on top of a TV studio lighting platform that fell to the studio floor… I had plenty of pain every day. Since my 20’s I have suffered from chronic pain in the back and shoulders from these injuries years back.

In my late 20’s I was introduced to the benefits of massage therapy and it’s healing benefits by my best friends wife, massage therapist Heather Taylor. No one had ever been able to get into the tight locked up spots like Heather could. I had tried massage before but others just never seemed to be able to get deep enough to really reach the inflamed areas. What some called deep tissue massage in Greenville SC, just felt too weak to do me much good.

You see as a youth I was big into weight lifting so that left me with fairly thick muscles to penetrate. It takes some some muscle to get into where my knots and scar tissue reside. When this tiny little gal said she could get into my deepest areas and help me heal I laughed at her… not in a mean way mind you. I honestly didn’t believe that a deep tissue massage from her would be any different than any other deep tissue massage in Greenville.

Boy was I wrong! This little gal was able work into my deepest tissues and begin helping me recover from these older injuries. Over the next several years she worked on me regularly and I made great progress…. then she moved to the low country of SC for several years. Over those several years I tried to find an replacement here in Greenville… but nobody could get deep enough to make much difference. I had resorted to rolling around on a tennis ball to try and release painful trigger points. That only works to a certain degree, it didn’t really bring the healing relief of my favorite therapist.

Well I am excited to announce that the best massage therapist in Greenville SC has returned! LMT Heather Taylor has returned to the Upstate of South Carolina bringing her amazing healing hands to help local clients.

Heather Taylor is a born healer who uses the skills of massage therapy in Greenville SC to help her clients achieve better health, more flexibility and reduced pain. She has known all of her life that healing is her calling. As a trusted psychic here in the area I can assure you that is definitely the case! She has the soul of a healer who travels from lifetime to lifetime bringing these gifts to those who need them.

Not only is she amazing with deep tissue work, she also has extensive experience in Swedish massage and specializes in neuromuscular work. This means she is well versed to help you whether you need a light relaxing touch or, like me, you need deep tissue work.

I encourage you to go to her website right now and contact her for an appointment www.GreenvilleSCMassage.com and tell her Jason Profit sent you!

~Psychic Jason Profit

Online Psychic Development Class starts soon!

by Jason

Well it is almost time to open class!

As you know by now, I have spent the last few months working on converting my real world Psychic Development Class to a fully online experience.

I am happy to announce that months of work is nearly finished, I just finished recording and editing the final weeks class. Now that week 6 is finished and ready, that means that there is not much left to do before I can open the classes up to you!

This means that this may be your last time to get a shot at the early bird special discount I will be offering to those who get on the Psychic Class email list.

As a fan or client, I appreciate you being a loyal reader of my newsletters and websites. So in order to say thank you, you still have a shot to get this early bird discount.

All you have to do is head over to my website for Psychic Development Class and punch in your email and name. Once I launch the classes, that email email list will be sent a special early bird discount code that will be a very substantial savings over the retail launch price… I promise you will want to get in on this savings…

So go to the Online Psychic Development Class website

Get on the email list there so I can offer you this amazing discount… go on… get over there and sign up. I would hate for you miss this deal…

Here’s the rub:

*Classes will last six weeks, each week unlocked in a timed manner
*Over SIX HOURS of video and audio lessons
*Covering ESP, psychometry, clairvoyance, tarot cards, palmistry, crystal balls, numerology, meditation, healing, auras and much more!
*Multiple guided meditations – some are only available in this online class
*Homework and experiments
*LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – you will get access to all future updates of this classes content
*Email and phone coaching will be available as add-ons
*Learn from the comfort of home!
*Guided Astral Travel

As a business owner I have paid FAR more for FAR LESS content in the business courses that I take online. My goal is to make a quality online class that far surpasses industry standards. This class is loaded with tons of great education into the psychic world around you.

I am confident that my new online Psychic Development Class reaches and exceeds that goal for quality content in an easy to learn format.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see emails about the launch of these classes, but only those who get on the Psychic Class email list right now will get a shot at that limited time early bird special discount.

Online Psychic Development Class website

Basically the class content is finished and produced. I am working on the technical side of things to finish up the members area and make sure the geeky stuff is working properly.

That means I will be launching class very soon! As the work wraps up, I am very excited to be able to offer my popular class to more people than ever before. If you are already on that email list… just wait for the announcement.

Hope to see you in class!

Psychic Jason Profit

I can’t because my kids…

I can’t because my kids…

Sound familiar?

We all have things we would like to get done in our lives. Dreams, goals, ambitions… but who has time these days?

Any number of things seem to get in our way on a daily basis. The kids have to get to school, then soccer practice… the car breaks down the next week and throws everything into chaos in the overly regimented schedule.

So what are your goals that you are putting off?

For me, it was making the time to give my popular Psychic Development Classes an upgrade and make them available online.

Not only am I am busy consultant, but I am also a stay at home dad. Several years back, I had to readjust my entire life when my daughter Camie was born. This meant that it became much more complicated seeing my clients and growing my businesses.

To prepare for the complications, I had to make things MORE complicated temporarily. This involved training a part time tour guide to help me with the Greenville Ghost Tour.

The following year, I launched a new business… Greenville Zombie Outbreak… my haunted trail. This had been a project I wanted to do earlier but logistics hadn’t played out at that time. This project took a massive amount of time and energy to launch… every year it still consumes much of my free time and evenings. Building props and planning for the massive madhouse that comes through is almost like a full time job in itself!

What the heck happened to the time I had for turning my Psychic Classes into an online format?

Talk about distractions! Well it hit me that sometimes I have too much stuff going on at once. Then it dawned on me that THAT is the motivation for getting this online psychic class put together.

How so? With all this parenting, consulting (my main gig), and building creepy Halloween crap… I really don’t have as much time to teach the Psychic Classes in person. By getting the project finished, folks could still get the awesome psychic education that they sought… which it has been hard to offer due to my schedule!

Being a go getter, I am naturally prone to ending up with too much on my plate. This causes it’s own problems as you can see. The decision was made to begin converting the Psychic Development Class for online presentation… but in order to do this I had to consciously decide that it was OK to put off some early prop building for my haunted trail. I like to start early so a lot of things are done prior to crunch time before we open for Halloween.

With that in mind, I grabbed my favorite deck of tarot cards for a quick confirmation. I asked, “should I get the psychic class project online now?” The answer was a definitive “Yes, the time is right.”


“I’m just like you daddy!” ~Camie

In order to get the classes done, I have to make other sacrifices and deal with many interruptions. This has included a nasty cold that had the whole house sniffling and coughing, daily school schedule for my 4 year old, making my scheduled appointment for client readings and consultations AND repairing wind damage to a 50 foot long, 8 foot tall privacy wall on the property.

As of this writing, I am finishing up the groundwork slides for the final week of this class. The next step is getting back into the studio to record the actual class videos. As I take pictures of the various tarot cards for class, my sweet little munchkin has all of her cards out too… spread all over the couch… running around laughing and giggling… “I’m just like you daddy!” She is the featured pic in this post…

The moral of this story is that sometimes, you simply have to MAKE time to reach your goals… CHASE your dreams even if it seems difficult or complicated. It is OK to strategically assign a higher priority to making the life YOU want!

Make sure you have signed up for news on my Online Psychic Development Class website… early birds will get a special deal when classes launch if you are on that email list! Developing your own intuitive insights is a great way to make better decisions and be more productive…

If you need to get your plans together, take a look ahead or get clarity on some issues… Get in touch with me for a psychic reading, aura cleansing / chakra alignment or past life regression… Use the contact form to get intouch or my online scheduling system to book an appointment.

Psychic Jason Profit

Online Psychic Development Class is coming along

by Jason
Online Psychic Development Class is coming along

With the popularity of my Psychic Development Classes over the years, work has begun on converting these classes to an online format.

If you are on my email list, you will have gotten some news about this new online class already… but keep reading as there are a few updates.

Who would have thought that converting six weekly classes into an online format would be so much work… after all my materials have been around for about a decade now.  Regardless, presenting these materials online has introduced several challenges. Usually I get to interact with my class in person, which gives me the chance to explain things in more detail when there are questions. The solution? Adding more detail to the areas where there have been questions in the past… and that leads to increased pre production time.

I have decided to detail some of what it takes to tackle a project like this in hopes that it inspires you… Inspires you to follow your dreams… write that book you have always wanted to… try that idea you have had in the back of your mind… or just get out and pursue a new vision for your life!

Weeks three and four of this class have a lot of technical elements to teach, so I kept finding myself re-working the way certain concepts have been presented in person. Things I would usually just write on the whiteboard in person, to show the order of things, suddenly didn’t make as much sense in a slide show.

My goal was to do pre production work for one weeks class then get in the studio to record it… then a cold decided to land right in the middle of plans. So for the past week, sniffles and coughing have made recording impossible. So I have been sitting here banging away at this keyboard getting the presentations prepared… while also working on getting my daughter over her cold… and amazingly I believe I am actually ahead of schedule!

Even though several clients had to be rescheduled so I wouldn’t pass this cold around… It just goes to show that when obstacles arise, by shifting your focus you can still come out ahead. Even if you are coughing your brains out, blowing your nose and listening to your 4 year old play her drum and trumpet at the same time!

Right now, it looks as if online Psychic Development Classes could open by early to mid April! Now don’t take that as a solid date just yet… but stay tuned as production continues…

Make sure you sign up on the email list over at www.PsychicDevelopmentClass.net to find out when classes begin and to get a pre-launch special deal once we open!

~Jason Profit

What kinds of guys consult a psychic?

by Jason

What kinds of guys consult a psychic?


Guys consult psychics? Really? Actually yes! More than you may think in fact.

Sure, we all know a gal who called a TV psychic chat line and got told a bunch candy coated nonsense. Other folks know a new age kind of gal who swears by her favorite psychic… she has probably found a trustworthy advisor, one that truly does access useful insights for her. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can trust to help you see the bigger picture sometimes? BTW, those cheesy stereotypes don’t even really apply to my female clientele…

That is actually the whole idea of seeking a psychic reader though. To find a person you can trust with sensitive and important issues, one that can see deeper into a situation and even provide a glimpse into the future. This kind of insight can be to great advantage in your life depending on how you use it!

So do I have to be a tie dye wearing hippie to consult a psychic? Absolutely not!!! The diversity of my client base has always amazed me. In my personal consulting practice I have seen men who are:

  • Management professionals
  • Truck drivers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Warehouse workers
  • Marketing executives
  • IT and computer geeks
  • Law enforcement
  • Military active duty and vets
  • Construction workers
  • Business owners
  • Media personalities

The list could go on forever, but you get the idea. All these guys have one thing in common with each other; they followed that small voice that led you here looking for answers.

Yes I am a psychic reader… That means that I use esoteric tools to tap into life’s situations and help you find answers to the situations at hand. Then rather than give you some frilly new agey sounding double speak, I translate those insights in a way that helps you make the best decisions in regards to your current situation.

Can you really see all and know all? Nope that’s total movie bullshit! Yet it is a reality that some people can tune into situations and see glimpses ahead. Yes I can see the future… No I can’t predict the lottery… and no the future is NOT set in stone. I like to explain it like this… Let’s talk cars for sec… On a long dark road you can only see maybe 30-40 feet ahead with your headlights. You can actually drive all the way across the country seeing only a short distance ahead. Some people can actually see way further down, almost as if using headlights that can light several miles down the road. So when you have a crossroad in your life, it can be useful to get a further look down that dark road ahead and plan your journey accordingly.

Guys often call me when they are facing things like:

  • Career changes
  • Life hurdles
  • Divorces, family court and cheating spouses
  • Business decisions

One thing is for certain, when a guy calls me I take it seriously. No matter what kind of issues you may be facing, I am happy to help you find the answers you need to succeed. One of the reasons most guys call me and come to trust my insights is because in the end… I am a “guy’s guy” who tells it like it is.

So now is the time act on that curiosity and get in touch so we can get you scheduled in for your appointment. Let’s sit down together so I can take a look at things and see what insights lay waiting for you!

Talk with you soon!

~Psychic Jason Profit