Achieve Your Goals With Hypnosis!

Greenville, SC: It is a little known fact that long before I was reading palms and hunting ghosts, I was learning and practicing hypnosis. My interest in hypnosis for entertainment and personal development dates all the way back to when I was still in middle school. One of my most popular services for the past decade has been hypnotic past life regression, as well as hypnotic guided meditation. If clients have actually been able to visit numerous past lives during hypnosis, can you imagine what is possible within your life’s goals?

Positive changes can indeed be manifested when you make the choice to do what it takes to improve yourself. For most people though, this seems like a pie in the sky dream…

“How do I change my habits that hold me back from reaching the goals I want in my life Jason?”

The answer is clinical hypnosis! Real change can be accomplished in fairly short amounts of time!

By helping your subconscious learn the tools it needs during a hypnotic state, you can begin seeing noticeable improvements in your life goals. And that is our focus, getting your subconscious to work WITH you rather than AGAINST you.

There are many things hypnosis can help you with, but the most popular services are listed below. Now just because you don’t see your particular situation listed doesn’t mean hypnosis won’t help so get in touch!

Popular Hypnosis Services

Stop Smoking:

We all know how much smoking costs and how bad it is for your health, nobody has to tell you that. If you have made up your mind that you are truly ready to quit smoking, then hypnosis can definitely help! Your subconscious mind has picked up some bad habits along the way and by using hypnosis we can help erase those habits and retrain your subconscious mind to work WITH your smoking cessation goals.

Since it took a while to form these bad habits, it often takes a few sessions to make sure the changes “stick.” With that in mind this service includes THREE sessions one week apart in order to make sure you have the best support in your journey as a non-smoker. If you have decided that it is time to quit smoking, now is the time to book your sessions.

Stop Smoking Package: $300 for 3 sessions

Weight Loss:

If ever there were a time when your subconscious works against you… it’s when you are trying to lose weight. For many folks it has been a life long struggle of one diet to the next. We will sit down and identify those areas that become stumbling blocks and I will customize your hypnosis session based on those findings. That way, we can work together to build your strengths and help you overcome those challenges going forward.

Working together, we will set you up for long term success by changing the way your subconscious responds to those challenges and cravings that are sure to arise. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 200, hypnosis can help you reach your goals faster and more confidently. Much like smoking cessation, these changes can sometimes take several sessions to make sure they “stick.” So if you are ready to get your subconscious on your side for your weight loss goals, then let’s get your sessions booked now.

The weigh loss package includes 3 sessions spaced one week apart to get you on the right track, additional support sessions will be available as needed.

Weight Loss Package: $300 for 3 sessions

Personal Development:

In every day life, regular folks like you need to improve certain aspects of their lives. Using hypnosis we can help you tune up any area of your life that you feel could use improvement.

Many people need to improve school work and test taking skills, others want to improve their relationships and communication skills, some people need to improve their mental focus, yet others seek to enhance their sports performance or ability to set and reach their life goals.

It can be tough on your own to improve many different areas of your life, yet when you open your mind to hypnosis the sky could indeed be the limit with much less effort than you may imagine! Hypnosis has been show scientifically to enhance many aspects of physical and mental performance, so what are you looking to improve in your life?

We will work together on your goals to help you overcome stumbling blocks and reach your highest life potential!

Standard Hypnosis Session: $120 per session

Stress, Anxiety & Fear Management:

One of the biggest problems facing us in our busy lives is often stress and anxiety… This also happens to be one of the areas where hypnosis shines very brightly! Through hypnosis you can learn the control that every human has to become more capable of reducing your own physical and mental stresses.

Hypnosis itself is by its very nature, an extremely relaxing experience. “Hypnosis” isn’t some mysterious “state” as portrayed in the movies and on TV. It is genuinely nothing more than an exercise in very deep relaxation. What is so amazing is that after you have been hypnotized several times, you can enter this relaxing mental mode any time you see fit. In fact, the stress and anxiety sessions are designed specifically to teach your subconscious what to do so that your newly learned tools spring to action right when they are needed the most.

Fears are another area where hypnosis is used to great success! So if there are fears or phobias that are getting in the way of your quality of life, get in touch!

If you are feeling like it time to learn a way to overcome your daily stress, anxiety and fears then please act on that feeling so we can get your session scheduled in now.

Standard Hypnosis Session: $120 per session


Pain Management:

Long before there were pharmaceutical pain medications and anesthesia, hypnosis was well known to be able to control and block pain caused by things such as surgeries and child birth.

Today many people suffer in pain for a variety of reasons. Sometimes pain medications help a lot, sometimes they help a little… sometimes they don’t help much at all. This pain can become debilitating in chronic situations and cause a serious loss in quality of life.

Hypnosis used for pain reduction and blocking is very effective for short term as well as chronic pain. Not only that, but it will teach you tools to reduce stress and increase relaxation that you can use for the rest of your life.

It is important that you check with your doctor or pain management provider to be sure hypnosis is an approved option to work along side your health care providers treatment.*

If you are ready to try something completely different, then request an appointment today!

Standard Hypnosis Session: $120 per session


Hypnosis sessions are available by appointment only

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*Hypnosis cannot treat, diagnose or cure any medical conditions and is not intended to replace medical treatment