Psychic Readings by Jason Profit featuring Palmistry, Tarot cards, Numerology and Crystal Ball gazing

Private Readings Currently Available in Greenville, Spartanburg, Clemson, Easley, Anderson and all surrounding areas!

My name is Jason Profit, I have spent most of my life passionately studying magical arts, psychic phenomena, past lives and all things paranormal. Through this study I have been able to develop quite a number of unique abilities and gifts which I use to entertain and to help people in need of guidance and insight.

Psychic Readings in nashville, fort campbell, oak grove, hopkinsville crystal ball

Thank you for your interest in getting a psychic reading. I am flattered that you have chosen me to share a reading with you. All my life I have been gifted with an amazing intuition. As I studied the various fields of psychic development I realized I naturally had the insightful intuition that many struggled to develop. As I honed my vision I was able to gain accurate insights and truly help clarify issues for people during readings.

In helping folks gain clarity and reduce confusion I came to realize that this is one of those things I was simply meant to do. I have been told by clients that I have seen more than any other reader has been able to in the past. I have even been told by a wise mystic whom I ran across, that I have been a seer for many lifetimes. I suppose that is up to you to find out…

Folks have come to love my entertaining and accurate readings . From palm reading and beyond, my unique ability to give uplifting intuitive readings and reveal a persons inner-most thoughts and questions continues to be loved and enjoyed where ever I travel. I offer one-on-one readings at your home or office as well as at my home office… and have now begun offering live readings by phone.

A psychic reading or palm reading with Jason Profit is quite like meeting up with a dear friend you haven’t seen in years… A friend whom you loved greatly, and always felt connected with. Like they always knew everything about you and how to help you in those times of need. It will make your soul feel recharged to have made contact again.

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Jason is now accepting appointments for 2018!

In person reading With Jason

Live telephone or Skype reading with Jason

I also offer shows, past life regression, home parties and private readings in all surrounding areas: Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Easley, Clemson and all surrounding areas.

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