Psychic Home Parties Are Always A Huge Hit

Totally Unique Entertainment In Your Home!

Everybody loves Psychic Home Parties! Have a Psychic Party in your own home for your guests and enjoy an evening of unusual entertainment and readings.

“Thanks for such a great party Saturday, Jason! You were amazing and all my clients and friends had a great time! Thank you Thank you Thank you! My mom is upset she missed it, and she wants a reading now! LOL” Shana (Nashville, TN)

Get prepared for a good time and call all of your friends and invite them over for a one of a kind night of psychic fun. I specialize in unique small home parties that you will remember for the rest of your life. These parties are perfect for girls nights, small parties, sleepovers, etc. Any small get together where you expect 6-20 guests can be made into a truly special event!

I will come to your home and we will begin the night with a short demonstration of varying psychic oddities and phenomena. Then I may get out my crystal ball briefly and see what kind of general information it reveals for me about individuals in the group. After that, every attendee will get their own short private reading. This is usually a palm reading which can reveal some very useful insights… or it may be a basic Tarot Card reading too.

Basic Party Themes:

  • Palm Reading Party (most popular)
  • Tarot Reading Party (2nd most popular)
  • Spoon Bending Party
  • Seance Party (year round)

Here are the important details on how to book a Psychic Party:

  1. Call early and book plenty in advance
  2. Parties require a minimum of 6 attendees in addition to the host/hostess
  3. Each guest gets a private reading lasting 10-15 minutes or so, depending how many guests there are. (Spoon bending and Seance parties are slightly different call for details.)
  4. Host/Hostess must provide the private area for the personal readings away from the main party area (bedroom, dining room, etc.)
  5. Host/Hostess is encouraged to provide snacks and drinks of guests preference
  6. Everyone should be there on time… Late comers will miss a lot of fun and may miss out on getting a reading
  7. Admission is paid prior to the start of the party

I can hear you now asking “so how much are these parties???”

They are much more affordable than you think! Just $30* per guest!

The standard arrangement is to just let each guest pay their own admission, but the host/hostess may choose to cover the entire rates of the party. That part of the arrangement is totally up to you. Here is the best part, I always give the host/hostess their reading totally on the house! I figure you did all the hard work planning and hosting the event… the least I can do is offer you a complimentary reading as a way of saying thanks!

Now that your curiosity is peaked… go ahead and pick up the phone and give me a call to get your party scheduled in! I look forward to bringing a night of mystical insight and wonder to you and your guests!

Home parties available in the areas surrounding:

Greenville – Spartanburg – Anderson – Clemson – Easley

Proudly serving South Carolina

Please note that due to his consulting and parenting schedules that Jason is NOT currently accepting bookings for home psychic parties… 


* $30 per guest is a valid rate quote for my parties within 50 miles of 29611. Ask about rates if you are located further than 50 miles form 29611.

Also ask me about:

~Spoonbending Home Parties~

(Spoons may bend as well as forks, keys, coins and other metal objects as we examine psychokinesis. Explore your hidden talents and keep the good silverware put away!)

~Séance Parties~

(Enjoy a recreation of a Victorian style séance in your own home! Explore the unknown and find out if anyone from the other side has anything to say to you!)

~Past Life Regression~

(Who were you in a past life? Were you a scientist? A Soldier? A nurse or maybe a king? Hypnotic past life regression can give you the answer to these and other questions you may have about reincarnation. This isn’t really a party show, it is more of private entertainment session intended for one person.)