Spirit / Medium Crossover Readings Via Ghost Box / Spirit Phone

Do you have a loved one on the other side that you wish to reach out to? Questions about what happened? Just looking for closure?

I am Psychic Jason Profit and I am happy to help! Read more to learn about these unique spirit contact sessions which utilize technology to bring your loved ones words, personalities and answers to life again if only for a brief time.

What the heck is a Ghost Box / Spirit Phone?

Many ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts are familiar with these devices… but the general public has often never heard of this concept. Years ago, a man by the name of Frank Sumption was experimenting with a new way to try and communicate with spirits. He developed a circuit that would sweep through radio frequencies at various speeds and seemed to allow spirits to respond in REAL TIME. In effect, Frank Sumption created what could be called the completed version of Edison’s “telephone to the dead.” These legendary spirit communication boxes became known as the “Franks Box.”

Over the years several different radios were able to be hacked to perform much like a Franks Box… I have modified many of those radios which are in use by ghost hunters all over the world. So I became very familiar with the amazing responses possible at haunted locations while using this technology. It quickly became my favorite tool for documenting paranormal evidence… often astonishingly relevant!

I went on to develop a windows program for ghost hunters to use this same kind of concept on their laptops at haunted places.. and more recently moved this program to its latest version on the android operating system. Both versions can be purchased here www.crosstalkevp.com

In these sessions I may use one of my personally hacked ghost boxes, I may use my CrossTalkEVP program… but more often than not I will be using my Franks Box #185… The LAST Franks Box.

The LAST Franks Box

The LAST one? Really? Yes… Frank Sumption didn’t really like ghost hunters all that much. He thought going to moldy old places looking for ghosts was silly when they could come talk through his boxes. In fact, he believed that he was communicating with beings from outside of our planet. Frank and I had several conversations over the years as this is a fairly small field. I was one of the ghost hunters that he disliked the least LOL. He pretty much hated most ghost hunters.

Well in July 2014, Frank was working on a box with a special “Tesla spooky radio” circuit and a voice mentioned they would be by in two weeks. He played it off as “they” often said things like that. In another test they say something about “have you in sight.” A couple of weeks later the paranormal field was shaken by the news of Franks Death. That was August 2014… Godspeed Frank

Franks son Chad Sumption decided to reach out to a few people whom his dad had contacts with to see if they wanted a few of his dads remaining Franks Boxes. I was one of those people that Chad reached out to.

To make a long story short, Chad sent me the two boxes his dad had nearly finished. #183 from July 2014… the one with the Tesla circuit… AND box #185 from August… The “LAST” Franks Box. These are two of the very last boxes from Frank Sumptions workbench. These boxes are special tools and Frank often reaches out to me from the other side. (ghost hunters will hate me for saying that)

Mediumship And Technology

Call me a reluctant medium. I do not like the word medium as I believe it has some spooky connotations for some folks. My mother is a Christian lady who used to cleanse homes of spirits when I was but a small child. She could see and hear them but she wasn’t there to reveal messages from the other side… She was to there to help people find peace from troubled souls by casting them out. Mediumship and psychic abilities for that matter were considered evil in our household. So for many years I shied away from using the word spirit medium. Especially I since I don’t see or hear random spirits in the way most mediums (and my mother) do. However I do get direct impressions from spirits if they have something to say. But sometimes sharing the feelings and images that spirits show me  is awkward and hard to translate…

Many of my clients over the years have asked me if I could contact their deceased loved ones, so eventually I decided to see how the ghost box might be able to make communicating with my clients loved ones possible. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could hear the words they used to answer your questions rather than taking my word for it?

Well that is exactly what happens when we use this technology at haunted places, and that is also exactly what happens during these “Crossover Readings.” Using a ghost box or my CrossTallEVP software, we will sit together and invite your loved ones to try and make contact with us using their voice. Sometimes the answers come in a jumbled voice… sometimes clients hear the distinct voice of their loved ones.

For the last few years I have only offered these to the people who have been led to ask me if I could do this. This is first time I have publicly offered a detailed explanation of these Ghost Box mediumship readings or “Crossover Readings” and made them available to the general public.

My heart has been moved by the life changing responses that have come through for my clients during these sessions. So many clients have received such huge blessings from these sessions that I simply cannot keep them private any longer. After spending months meditating on whether or not to offer the Ghost Box medium readings or “Crossover readings” publicly, I finally accepted my spirit guides challenge to make these spirit connection sessions available to everyone.

Spirits use their energy to speak with us, but at the same time I share my energy with them through the device to help enable an open portal for them to make the most of our time. Speaking of time, the window of communication tends to only last around 15-20 minutes. Then the voices fade… So these sessions are about 20 minutes in length.

What is a Crossover / Spirit Contact Reading for?

  • Folks who want to reach out to a deceased loved one
  • People who may want to connect with a deceased celebrity
  • Reaching out to spirit guides or guardian angels
  • Glimpses into past lives (also ask about Past Life Regression)

How much does it cost? $200

Around the globe there are some famous mediums who charge crazy sums of money for their services from $500 up to $1000. And while I am certain they are well worth it, I believe that rates like that are often way out of reach for many people. So I decided to keep this session affordable for the majority of folks by pricing it at $200… The rate stays the same for in-person, phone or skype sessions.

Because of the energy it drains from me to facilitate one on one communication, I can only offer a very limited number of these sessions per week. So please use my appointment request from to request your “Crossover Reading” to get scheduled in.

I offer these sessions in person in my office, by telephone or by skype. So even if you are not in Greenville SC, you can still set an appointment and see if your loved one is able to reach out to us or relay a message through a messenger. IF you choose a phone or skype session, you must prepay for your appointment following the directions which will be emailed to you after a date is set.

For fastest service, request an appointment using the ONLINE appointment system.

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