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So what do others have to say about Jason’s readings, shows and parties? See for yourself!

“The best around! Very in depth and accurate! Good man” B Whitesides (Greenville, SC) Google review

“Jason is amazing. He helped me through a tough time in my life helping explain the unexplainable and remove bad energy. I have had more than one reading with him and have been completely changed by what I was told. He is completely legit! His energy work is just as amazing. Please call for an appointment, you will leave a changed person!” Mary M. (Greenville, SC) Google review

“I have used several services. Jason not only provides information but also helps you to work through it to have an understanding and get the best possible results. He was extremely easy to relate and talk so that I was completely at ease. I would highly recommend him.” Julie B. (Greenville, SC) Google review

“Jason is so on spot and personable. He saved me from some bad downfalls and let me know of danger ahead. I recommend him to anyone..especially thise that need dog training also. It’s a rare find to find one as gifted as Jason. Bless you sir. Hope to see you again.” Lisa F. (Greenville, SC) Google review

“I spoke to the family member that knew my mom and you were right she was always happy and she loved music!!! She also called me sweet pea!! I’ve always believed in spirits and ghost and the after life, but you have truly made me a believer that all things are possible and for the first time in my life I believe I have a chance for true peace and I believe that my soul and my mind can now rest!! There are no words to tell you how thankful I am that we were lead to you, I believe by her!! We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!” Maria (Greenville, SC)

“Hey Jason! I really enjoyed my first reading! It was really an uplifting moment for me. Thanks alot!” Mecca, (Oak Grove, KY)

“Everything was dead on, my left palm depicted my current reality. So if you need answers, Jason will show you that you really do hold past, present and future outlined in the palm of your hand.”Heather T. (Greenville, SC)


Thank you so much for the reading. It was incredibly informative and has remotivated me to move forward with my future. You are a compelling speaker and your an incredibly good reader. I look forward to more sessions and my mother and her friends are thinking about a party. Thank you so much for your time and talent.” Ted Hedden (Greenville, SC)

“Wow Jason. I’m shocked with this.. Everything you’ve said has been right on the money. I’m shocked with your reading because you described me very well. I’m amazed how detailed you made it and how amazingly accurate you were when you talked about myself and my wife. Thanks!”Joe (New Jersey)

“Hey Jason, Thanks for the reading today. You were dead ON!!! You really do know your stuff. Thanks again!!!”Brenda (Fort Campbell, KY)

“great.. kind and giving and accurate… with great power and very very helpful.. help solve all the problems and create ways to reach dreams…. highly recommended” currencyk (Kasamba)

“Thanks for such a great party Saturday, Jason! You were amazing and all my clients and friends had a great time! Thank you Thank you Thank you! My mom is upset she missed it, and she wants a reading now! LOL” Shana (Nashville, TN)

He’s just awesome…what more can i say…”Susan (Kasamba)

“Very intuitive and brings insight to the root of you’re situation…….he really delivers”Bryant (Kasamba)

“Excellent Insight!!!” Archie (Kasamba)

cool as they come, positive and informative” BecN (Kasamba)

Just had my first reading and it was spot on for the past and present…now let’s see what the future holds. Thanks again for the awesome reading!!” Tricia (Greenville, SC)

“Happy New Year to you and your’s! I’ve enjoyed all of the readings. I’ll tell about my experiences later. They were all good!” Melanie (Clarksville, TN)

“Very intuitive and brings insight to the root of you’re situation…….he really delivers”GutFeeling (Kasamba)

“When you started my reading talking about me having a health problem that makes me tired? I almost hit the floor. From the moment you started talking…. everything was pretty well “dead on” especially the part about “It’s as easy as 1,2,3″ And my intolerance for the lack of common sense.. Your readings are far beyond accurate. I was amazed, as well as impressed. I am not used to sitting down and having my insides opened and read before me.” Brenda (Boiling Springs, SC)

“Thank you for the reading you did for me on Saturday.  I really enjoyed meeting you and I learned a lot.  The reading clarified some important issues for me.” Roberta (Greenville, SC)

“Thank You so much for fitting me and taking your time. It was a great experience.” Kathryn, (Greenville SC)

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