Booking Jason Profit For Events

Contact Jason At: 864-248-6472

Jason Profit earns respect where ever he travels for being a powerful and sophisticated performer of mentalism, mind reading and stage hypnosis. These days Jason is primarily focusing on his stage hypnosis show called Jason Profit’s Hypnosis Roadshow. This show is full of comedy hypnosis and motivational messages.

You can find Jason entertaining at some of the most exclusive parties and corporate events in the area. Jason will enchant the evening with his uniquely charming wit and his artful demonstrations. He will have your guests talking about your event for many years to come.

By blending illusion together with subtle persuasion, mental suggestion and bending of your perceptions, he has created a unique form of seemingly mystical entertainment that is going to leave you questioning reality for some time to come.

From after dinner parties to shows for large crowds

Jason offers a wide range of entertainment possibilities. For larger Crowds Jason can put on an hour long show full of mystery, excitement and clever humor that involves the audience participating in things they could only dream about. His shows are mind warpingly entertaining and are always a hit with the audience. It doesn’t matter where your event is located within the United States. Jason is prepared to travel where ever you need an impressive show that people will always remember. For bookings outside Jason’s home area call to discuss rates and travel expenses.

For smaller private events and dinner parties he can bring the wonder of the stage hypnosis to your guests in an up close personal manner. The memories he will create in the minds of your guests is perfect for every thing from weddings to trade shows.

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