Greenville’s Most Trusted Psychic: Jason Profit

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Known for exploring the boundaries of the paranormal and bringing you amazing psychic entertainment and intuitive services. Jason Profit is a native of Greenville South Carolina who is best known for creating Greenville Ghost Tour, downtown Greenville’s second longest running walking tour.

Highly sought after for his insightful palm readings and intuitive psychic and tarot readings. Through the lines and features of your hands, Jason can reveal past and present situations in your life as well as help you properly understand yourself to guide your own future. For even more in depth insights consider a deeply revealing intuitive psychic reading.

Most folks find Jason when they have some changes going on in their lives and need some extra insight and guidance to make the best of their life, love, luck and careers. Others come around when they have paranormal difficulties that are disrupting their lives…

As a consultant, Jason fills many roles for clients from all walks of life:

  • Psychic advisor
  • Past life guide
  • Spiritual medium
  • Life coach
  • Marketing consultant
  • Paranormal investigator

Whether you are here to find entertainment for your corporate event, to book a home psychic party or simply to get a psychic reading, you will be satisfied with your choice to work with Jason.

Use the menu to find your way around… If you are like most folks, you are interested in booking a psychic reading in Greenville SC or surrounding areas.

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