Greenville SC Trusted Spirit Medium Jason Profit

by Jason

Trusted Spirit Medium Jason Profit Serves Greenville SC and Nationwide Clients

So you have desire to connect with a long lost person who has gone on to the other side? Many folks feel this need but are not sure who to turn to.

Who can you trust though? Over the years my clients have come to trust my unique brand of psychic readings and other spiritual services here in the Greenville area for good reason. Among these services are what I call “Cross Over Readings” in which I bridge the void with the help of my spirit guide… and some times my Ghost Box.

Ghost Box? What is that? Well I build Ghost Box devices for ghost hunters and ship them all over the world… It is basically a modified radio that continually scans radio stations allowing spirits to communicate with us in real time. A Ghost Box Cross Over Reading is unique in that we both actually get to hear the responses come through the radio device with our own ears. I usually record the Ghost Box Cross Over Readings for my clients so you can listen again later.

Either way, by ghost box or traditional medium cross over reading, I extend a warm heart and welcome you to give me a call so we can see what messages await on the other side for you. Give me a call or send me an email so we can get you scheduled in for your cross over reading. As a trusted psychic and medium here in Greenville, I help folks all over the upstate of SC including Spartanburg, Anderson, Greer, Easley, Clemson, Columbia, Greenwood and even have many clients in the low country from Charleston and Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. You may even be anywhere in the country.. I am happy to help you reach the other side no matter where you live… In person or via via phone or Skype, the results are the same.

A recent client had this to say after spending her whole life seeking her mom who went missing many decades ago:

“I spoke to the family member that knew my mom and you were right she was always happy and she loved music!!! She also called me sweet pea!! I’ve always believed in spirits and ghost and the after life, but you have truly made me a believer that all things are possible and for the first time in my life I believe I have a chance for true peace and I believe that my soul and my mind can now rest!! There are no words to tell you how thankful I am that we were lead to you, I believe by her!! We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!” Maria – Greenville SC

You have been seeking a trusted spirit Medium and were led here by spirit for a reason. So follow that lead and get in touch with me to schedule your spirit Cross Over Reading. Usually these sessions last about 15 – 30 minutes depending on the strength of the spirit we reach and how long I can hold the portal open. My rates are posted below in my services menu… I look forward to helping you, like so many of my other clients. So go ahead and call or email me now… I am here for you.

Psychic Medium Jason Profit