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Greenville SC Trusted Spirit Medium Jason Profit

by Jason

Trusted Spirit Medium Jason Profit Serves Greenville SC and Nationwide Clients

So you have desire to connect with a long lost person who has gone on to the other side? Many folks feel this need but are not sure who to turn to.

Who can you trust though? Over the years my clients have come to trust my unique brand of psychic readings and other spiritual services here in the Greenville area for good reason. Among these services are what I call “Cross Over Readings” in which I bridge the void with the help of my spirit guide… and some times my Ghost Box.

Ghost Box? What is that? Well I build Ghost Box devices for ghost hunters and ship them all over the world… It is basically a modified radio that continually scans radio stations allowing spirits to communicate with us in real time. A Ghost Box Cross Over Reading is unique in that we both actually get to hear the responses come through the radio device with our own ears. I usually record the Ghost Box Cross Over Readings for my clients so you can listen again later.

Either way, by ghost box or traditional medium cross over reading, I extend a warm heart and welcome you to give me a call so we can see what messages await on the other side for you. Give me a call or send me an email so we can get you scheduled in for your cross over reading. As a trusted psychic and medium here in Greenville, I help folks all over the upstate of SC including Spartanburg, Anderson, Greer, Easley, Clemson, Columbia, Greenwood and even have many clients in the low country from Charleston and Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. You may even be anywhere in the country.. I am happy to help you reach the other side no matter where you live… In person or via via phone or Skype, the results are the same.

A recent client had this to say after spending her whole life seeking her mom who went missing many decades ago:

“I spoke to the family member that knew my mom and you were right she was always happy and she loved music!!! She also called me sweet pea!! I’ve always believed in spirits and ghost and the after life, but you have truly made me a believer that all things are possible and for the first time in my life I believe I have a chance for true peace and I believe that my soul and my mind can now rest!! There are no words to tell you how thankful I am that we were lead to you, I believe by her!! We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!” Maria – Greenville SC

You have been seeking a trusted spirit Medium and were led here by spirit for a reason. So follow that lead and get in touch with me to schedule your spirit Cross Over Reading. Usually these sessions last about 15 – 30 minutes depending on the strength of the spirit we reach and how long I can hold the portal open. My rates are posted below in my services menu… I look forward to helping you, like so many of my other clients. So go ahead and call or email me now… I am here for you.

Psychic Medium Jason Profit



Top 5 Haunted House Halloween Attractions in Greenville, SC for 2018

What are the TOP 5 Haunted Houses in Greenville, SC?

For 2018 I decided to compile a list of the Top 5 commercial haunted houses in the Greenville, SC area. So if you are looking for something to do for Halloween 2018 you have found the ultimate list of Halloween fun.

Here in Greenville there have always been a number of haunted houses that spring up here and there, then there are others that are always doing something new and innovative. Since I run the Greenville Ghost Tour and investigate haunted and historic locations all over the southeast, I can be hard to scare. I do however love GOOD haunted houses and appreciate the thrill of the scare at this time of year So I have gathered opinions from other locals to help me round up the TOP 5 creepy Halloween attractions in the upstate of South Carolina.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Greenville or anderson, spartanburg, clemson, laurens, greenwood, easley, powdersville or simpsonville… everybody asks: What is there to do for Halloween?

Before we get to the top Halloween haunts, first take a look at our line up from Greenville Ghost Tour 

Visit REAL haunted places with us… if you DARE.

All NEW Scares for 2018… 

>>Reservations are required! <<<






Celebrating 10 years of haunted tales! Find out why this is one of Greenville’s most popular haunted attractions because it is ALL REAL!

>Fri & Sat Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm in front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… Better order tickets online at their website because this event is by reservation only!

Now for the TOP 5 Haunted Attractions in Greenville South Carolina

Number 1) Greenville Zombie Outbreak Haunted Trail and Zombie Shoot

For a break from the usual haunted houses, you have to check out Greenville Zombie Outbreak Virtual Reality Haunted  Attraction Their unique twist on Halloween fun has revolutionized zombie shoot. If you are a fan of the walking dead and other zombie shows and movies, then you HAVE to check this out! This is the very first virtual reality haunted attraction in the Carolinas! They strap a high quality virtual reality headset on your face and then you actually FEEL like you are entering a compound full of zombies. The zombies are all around you because this is a 3D 360 degree experience unlike anything you have ever seen!  The best thing is you get access to the VR zombie shoot for just $20!

WHERE: 645 Old Anderson Rd. Greenville SC 29611 (This is a separate haunted attraction located on the same property as Nightmare Dungeon!)



Number 2) Ok This one is NOT in Greenville… but it is the only true MEGA Haunt near us.. Netherworld Haunted House is located in Atlanta and is one of the top scare factories in the whole USA. They have just recently been featured by FANGORIA magazine… THE source for all things creepy.

Visit the Netherworld haunted house website to get tix and a map. This is my personal favorite haunted attraction in the southeast… I have been every year for 5 years in a row now. It is filled with incredibly detailed movie like sets, top notch performers and astounding animatronics. Where does the GhostMan go for Halloween fun? Netherworld!

WHERE: 6624 Dawson Blvd Norcross, GA 30093


Number 3)  3rd to the top of this list is Nightmare Dungeon… Nightmare Dungeon Website

This haunted house is in an old 2 story farm house off Anderson Rd. Always evolving and improving their Halloween horror. The coolest part is that this is one of the last haunted houses that is actually in a REAL house! Most places have moved into commercial buildings or they outdoor haunted trails that pretend to be a haunted house. There is nothing scarier than being in the tight corridors of an old farm house filled with monsters!

Where: 645 Old Anderson Rd Powdersville, SC 29611


Number 4) Wompus Woods is a long running outdoor trail and hay ride in Cowpens, SC

Wompus Wood Haunted Trail website

WHERE: 330 Paris Rd, Cowpens, South Carolina
Phone: 864-578-6175


Number 5) Madworld Haunted Attraction

This place has grown in popularity over the years and has managed to create a unique experience. Although it is more of haunted trail, they have amazing facades and lots of room to bring you the scares you seek.

Madworld Haunted Attraction

Where: 147 Country Manor Rd, Piedmont, SC 29673


Psychics the original life coach Greenville, SC Jason Profit

Today it is becoming more and more common for folks to employ the services of a “life coach” to help them make the best of their lives. Men and Women alike use the services of a life coach these days… but are they getting the most they can?

Just about anyone can call themselves a “life coach”, so you have to be careful who you choose as your coach for your life.

Here is something to consider though. Across the ages, the wisest most important people throughout history have consulted with oracles and prophets. Even Nancy Ragan used an astrologer!

IF you are seeking the services of a “Life Coach” consider your local trusted psychic, Jason Profit as smart option. Many business people and professional folks call me for insights into their lives and business to help them make the best choices for themselves.

You will be free to ask questions, in fact the more detailed your questions the more detailed the insights will be.

As an intuitive counsel, I have the ability to see a ways further down the proverbial path than your average “Life Coach” ever could. Therein lies the benefit of being able to make more informed decisions based on insightful revelations. For thousands and thousands of years the most informed and influential people often have the counsel of the ulimate life coach… their trusted psychic.

Now you can too! All you have to do is call me at: 864-248-6472 or EMAIL me at the addresss at the top of the page…

Tell me you are interested in my “life coach” based reading and we will get you scheduled in for your private appointment!

Whether you are in Greenville South Carolina, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Anderson, Spartanburg or even Asheville NC… Give me call!

Jason Profit


Changes around ModernMindreader.com

After several folks had commented on how I hadn’t changed the look of things much on this site in a few years… I decided to give the place a face lift.

I have been tweaking the new theme and will be adding more regular updates to the blog. Speaking of my blog… the recent posts are now in the left column for easy access. That way you can see when updates are posted to the blog more easily.

Most of my time has been spent over at GreenvilleGhost.com as the ghost hunting store and ghost tour keep me fairly busy. Speaking of the ghost tour… head over and become a fan of Greenville Ghost Tour on facebook! New ghost hunting gear will soon be in the ghost hunter store such as “Night vision IR cameras” as well as our brand of “Ghost Hunting Geophones” similar to the ones sold by Ghost Augustine… only ours are WAY better… we had ours made with a remote control!

Back to kicking off the cob webs around here. While this site has been a solid point of contact for my clients to find me… I will admit it was looking a bit dated. So the new theme will allow me to keep things much more up to date and keep the images fresh and new. The header image with my arms outstreched was a photo for the article about me that appeared in Skirt! Magazine... click that link for the full story.

Of course I am also still available for private psychic readings in the Greenville,SC area as well as other parts of the upstate.

To keep up to date with what is going on in my paranormal world you can either subscribe to my email list in the left hand column… or become a fan over on my facebook page.

If you sign up for my email list you can get a FREE CHAPTER of my new book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina” which will be out later this year.

As always, feel free to get in touch with me via the email or phone at the top of this page. Have a peaceful weekend!

~Jason Profit


Get in on the first Psychic Development Class in 2010!

by Jason


How would you like to learn more about the world of psychic abilities? Would you like to develop your own psychic abilities?

I am happy to announce that I am now accepting enrollment for my popular Psychic Development Classes.This is the first class for 2014, one of a very few I will be able to teach this year.

My name is Jason Profit, I will be teaching these incredible classes in limited availability. I am a local trusted psychic, author and paranormal researcher who has also been teaching others just like you how to enhance your own inner psychic abilities. You may have seen me on TV news interviews, read about my Greenville Ghost Tour in the Greenville News or heard about me on local radio shows… or you may not have! lol

During this amazing 6 week interactive class you will get to experience and explore the basics of all sorts of psychic categories.

The next classes will be starting in JUNE 2014 so enroll now to make sure you get your spot!

We will cover these topics and many more:
*Astral Projection
*Palm Reading
*Auras and Aura Reading
*Psychic Healing

Seating is extremely limited and each class is limited to only 15 students per class!

Contact me now to get your name on the list and get in on these exciting classes early before spots fill up.

Students will get to enjoy actual experiments and demonstrations of many of the topics we will be teaching and discussing. This course intended for beginners and no experience is needed. Full class notes will even be provided!

These classes are 6 weeks in length and must be PREPAID in full at the first class. The tuition for the classes is only $120 for the entire 6 weeks. Classes will be once a week in the evenings. That is not $120 per week… That $120 covers the entire 6 week class. That averages only $20 per week when averaged out over the entire course! What a bargain when you think about the amazing content of this class!

The class price has been lowered from $240… to the current $120 for a short time to allow more people to explore the opportunities even though times are tight!

I look forward to seeing you in class if you want to develop your own psychic abilities!

ORDER ONLINE using our order form so you can be first on the list and reserve your spot in the classes when they begin.

The next classes will begin in JUNE 2014, The classroom is in Greenville, SC. Details will be provided to you when you sign up.

Get on the list now! See you in class!

~Jason Profit