Changes around

After several folks had commented on how I hadn’t changed the look of things much on this site in a few years… I decided to give the place a face lift.

I have been tweaking the new theme and will be adding more regular updates to the blog. Speaking of my blog… the recent posts are now in the left column for easy access. That way you can see when updates are posted to the blog more easily.

Most of my time has been spent over at as the ghost hunting store and ghost tour keep me fairly busy. Speaking of the ghost tour… head over and become a fan of Greenville Ghost Tour on facebook! New ghost hunting gear will soon be in the ghost hunter store such as “Night vision IR cameras” as well as our brand of “Ghost Hunting Geophones” similar to the ones sold by Ghost Augustine… only ours are WAY better… we had ours made with a remote control!

Back to kicking off the cob webs around here. While this site has been a solid point of contact for my clients to find me… I will admit it was looking a bit dated. So the new theme will allow me to keep things much more up to date and keep the images fresh and new. The header image with my arms outstreched was a photo for the article about me that appeared in Skirt! Magazine... click that link for the full story.

Of course I am also still available for private psychic readings in the Greenville,SC area as well as other parts of the upstate.

To keep up to date with what is going on in my paranormal world you can either subscribe to my email list in the left hand column… or become a fan over on my facebook page.

If you sign up for my email list you can get a FREE CHAPTER of my new book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina” which will be out later this year.

As always, feel free to get in touch with me via the email or phone at the top of this page. Have a peaceful weekend!

~Jason Profit


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