Nashville Parthenon: Reading in the Majestic Shadows

Several weeks ago I was spending a Saturday afternoon sharing readings with a few clients in Centennial Park downtown Nashville. The setting was the awe inspiring Parthenon.

Just sitting in the shadows of this massive replica of the original Greek Parthenon, you don’t have to be a mind reader to see why so many people of ancient times found it an ideal place of worship. After I had finished my readings for the day I decided to get out my camcorder and film a brief video tour of this tribute to ancient Athenian architecture.

As you enter the the exterior walkway you begin to feel dwarfed by the sheer size of the 17 columns that line each side of the exterior walls. The architects of the original Parthenon designed this into the structure in very subtle ways. The exterior columns are all leaning slightly inward and they all have a gentle bulge, tapering at each end. While scholars disagree as the reasons, I can assure you the result is a very humbling aesthetic point of view. These slight illusions make the building seem even taller and more powerful while making you feel more reverent of the gigantic statue of Athena housed within. Just like the original, Nashville’s replica also uses another trick to make the building seem more alive and pleasing to the eye. No horizontal element is perfectly straight. Instead, they arch up ever so slightly in the middle.

Inside you are met with the enormous 7.5 ton grand entrance doors. There are four of these doors in total, two on each end. Just like the original Parthenon, the replica was built facing east so that the morning light could flood through the grand doors and light up the inside as to show Athena Parthenos in all her glory.

Topping 41 feet tall, it is understandable why so many worshiped at the feet of this impressive golden idol. Clad in gold, it must have been a spectacular sight to ancient Athenians. Nashville’s replica of the statue of Athena is reportedly the tallest indoor statue in the western world. Now that she is finally clad in gold leaf, modern man finally has the opportunity to see her in the splendor the ancients must have enjoy in centuries past. Standing at her feet you can’t help but to feel a little of that mystery and wonder from days gone past.

Well I won’t bore you with any more of my rambling… Let’s take a brief video tour shall we? Just click play on the video below!

For more info about the Nashville Parthenon visit the following website:
Nashville Parks and Recreation, Parthenon website


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