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I was recently contacted by a reporter from the Anderson Independent-Mail who had questions about psychics and the economy. His name? Vince Jackson. He had been told that with the increasing concerns about the economy, psychics all over had been seeing an increase in business.

His intent seemed genuine so I decided to chat with him for a few minutes and see if I could provide some insight for his story.

While the story may or may not go to print… here is the result of that interview.



By Vince Jackson

Anymore using tarot cards, crystal balls and palm readings is not out of the realm of the ordinary for white-collar professionals searching for answers to their pressing business questions.

Increasingly, business people are consulting psychics to help in making employment decisions, handling a pending financial crisis or just to confirm their feelings about changing jobs, say many psychics.

National press reports say more and more professional people feel they need an extra edge in making crucial business and personal decisions. Many are using the wisdom of the ages to help them resolve issues and solve problems.

The New York Times reports that psychics are popular with stock traders on the New York Stock Exchange. “When the Treasury Secretary changes his mind weekly…a good set of tarot cards might come in handy,” says The Times.

Jason Profit, a Greenville, SC psychic and paranormalist, says that since the economic downturn occurred many of his advice seekers are “not the folks you would usually think would consult a psychic.”

A recent Gallop Poll found that one out of every two Americans believes in extrasensory perception and that 54% believe in psychic or spiritual healing.

“You would be surprised at the types of people seeking a psychic reading from me. I am talking about doctors, students and other professionals who are looking for an answer,” Profit said.


There is more to this story! To read the rest of this story please head on over to Vince’s personal blog. While you are there, please be sure to comment on this story and let him know what you think! He wants to hear from you about all of his stories!

Click here to finish reading the story now!

The secret Law of attraction and the pending recession

by Jason 0 Comments

Maybe you have seen the movie “The Secret”… for the past few years it has been quite popular.

It’s goal is to teach folks about the “law of attraction” and how to attract the things that you want into your life.
The “law of attraction” is one of the universal laws that you need to regularly practice in your life to see your dreams come true.

With all of the promises of abundant wealth and having your dreams come true… why then are we facing a huge recession?

If “The Secret” was so powerful then why is the economy in a massive slump?

Why are the banks and US auto makers failing?

It really makes you wonder how this could all be happening if it was so easy to just imagine and feel the things you want and need…and then have them manifest in your life.

There are people just like you, right now using the “law of attraction” to regularly see their wants and needs flowing into their lives. Despite the economy, there are those of us who continue to prosper and have what we need. It could be that some of us know a little something about “The Secret” that you do not…

What do you want to happen in your life beginning now?

What are your dreams for you and your family?

If you could have the most important things simply show up for you in you life, what would that do for the quality of your life?

Now you may have tried to use the “law of attraction” in your life. You might have tried to practice the 3 rules to attract your hearts desires and it just didn’t seem to work… Maybe you saw some tiny benefits but not the massive abundance promised.

Well the real secret is this…

I have been telling my friends and clients all along,that there are a few other universal laws missing…

“The Secret” is incomplete!

I want to show you the other missing laws…
“The law of increase”
“The law of receiving”
“The law of forgiveness”
“The law of success”

There are a total of 11 forgotten universal laws that help
make the “Law of attraction” an unbeatable force in your life.

Visit the link below to learn more about the 11 forgotten
laws… Your future is important me. Please check out this
link now to see how you can begin seeing your dreams come true.

Learn about the 11 forgotten laws now… beyond the law of attraction

Palm Reading every Thursday evening @ Widdershins in Greenville!

Palm Reading every Thursday @ Widdershins in Greenville!

If you have been curious about getting a palm reading… Now you can
drop by after work and get a short palm reading for only $20.

Widdershins is a lovely shop located on Old Buncombe Rd. in Greenville
that specializes in herbs, incense and metaphysical supplies. They have
invited me to have a palm reading evening where anyone can drop by.
There is no appointment needed for this weekly event, just drop by and
I will consult with you and share what insights your palm is waiting to
reveal for you!

Click here for a map to widdershins!

With times getting tougher and the economy in a crunch, this is a great
way to save a little money while getting a quality palm reading from
someone you can trust. Widdershins is even on the bus route so everyone
can make it by!

I will be At Widdershins from 6-9 every Thursday evening. No
appointment needed just drop on by!

I look forward to seeing you there!


4006 Old Buncombe Rd

Greenville, SC 29617

Greenville Jaycees host Famous Psychic and Palm Reader – Jason Profit

A few months back I was asked to be a guest speaker for the Greenville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Here is a press release that was originally posed to Greenvilleonline.com. I would have posted this press release earlier but I only found it recently.

If you would like an intriguing speaker for your event feel free to get in touch. With topics ranging from the power of the mind to the paranormal, there is something for all audiences.

I am also available for radio shows and offer interactive demonstrations and interesting topics for live shows.


Greenville Jaycees to host Famous Psychic and Palm Reader – Jason Profit

Submitted by Courtney Hughey • April 25, 2008

The Greenville Junior Chamber of Commerce will host Famous Psychic and Palm Reader, Jason Profit, at their May 13th membership meeting. Jason has wowed people for years by his powerful psychic and paranormal abilities. Jason has graciously agreed to meet with the Greenville Junior Chamber to talk about The Power of Intent in Life and Business! Attendees will see objects move by mind power….. Forks and spoons will be bent with a thought. Jason will even attempt to predict the future outcome of a choice that will be made THAT EVENING by one of our guests.

Don’t miss this event ladies and gentlemen! Jason is offering short palm readings after the event for only $10!!! That is unheard of!

This will be one of the most “out of the box” presentations you will have the chance to enjoy this year!!!! We would appreciate an RSVP but don’t worry…we won’t turn you away! Come experience for yourself the power of the mind!

Who: Jason Profit

What: The Power of Intent in Life and Business

When: May 13th at 7:00 pm

Where: ITT Technical Institute 6 Independence Point Greenville, SC 29615 (Enter Visitors entrance and sign in)

Why: To explore the endless possibilities of intent and enjoy fellow community members!

Cost: FREE but PLEASE consider a reading to show appreciation for Jason’s presentation!

in Greenville
| Greenville
| Greenville
Ghost Tour

A look at Tesla, the man, the myth, the psychic???

Today in my bulletins of my myspace profile I found an interesting link. I have always been a fan of Nikola Tesla and his work. If you are enjoying electricity right now then you are enjoying his work and may not even know it! This link was from Nikola Tesla himself. Well ok, so it is just a profile set up in his memory.

There are so many amazing stories and myths surrounding Mr. Tesla and very few sources of real accurate information. It is even doubtful that the sources of accurate information are very accurate. None the less, I think everyone should be made aware of this amazing mans contributions to our modern way of life.

Among inventing a vast array of brilliant technologies, Tesla was also a bit of an esoteric visionary. While skeptical, Tesla managed to even have his own brush with “psychic communication”. One night Tesla had a frightening dream. He envisioned that there were strange little angels all around and one of them was his mother. He could distinctly see her face and got the heavy impression that she had passed into the afterlife. Sure enough, Tesla’s mother HAD passed away. This led Tesla toward the idea that intelligence could be transmitted over the air waves. It wasn’t long after that the radio race began and the world has never been the same.

The link I received today was to an amazing PBS documentary on Nikola Tesla. This documentary covered all sorts of interesting things and photographs that are not so easy to find these days.

While I was sitting there truly enjoying the mans visionary achievements, a strange occurrence manifested itself. Hundreds of miles away from me a friend of mine who I have a very deep connection was in her shower. During this exact time she began pondering the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla and became very curious. She said that she was experiencing a deep level of thought about the man and his life. Even though this is not generally the topic of her interest, she was feeling very informed about him for some reason. Even knowing things that she had really never heard about the man before.

When we spoke shortly thereafter and she realized what had happened, she was kind of shocked. Even though our connection allows us to share things at great distances, she had never experienced this much detail before. She even asked me about certain information that had been running through her mind, and it was in line with the things I had just been watching. A case of advanced “remote viewing” or simply a coincidence?? I will let you be the judge of that…

So enjoy this documentary about one of the most amazing visionaries of days gone by who’s work can STILL be seen from space even today.