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A look at Tesla, the man, the myth, the psychic???

Today in my bulletins of my myspace profile I found an interesting link. I have always been a fan of Nikola Tesla and his work. If you are enjoying electricity right now then you are enjoying his work and may not even know it! This link was from Nikola Tesla himself. Well ok, so it is just a profile set up in his memory.

There are so many amazing stories and myths surrounding Mr. Tesla and very few sources of real accurate information. It is even doubtful that the sources of accurate information are very accurate. None the less, I think everyone should be made aware of this amazing mans contributions to our modern way of life.

Among inventing a vast array of brilliant technologies, Tesla was also a bit of an esoteric visionary. While skeptical, Tesla managed to even have his own brush with “psychic communication”. One night Tesla had a frightening dream. He envisioned that there were strange little angels all around and one of them was his mother. He could distinctly see her face and got the heavy impression that she had passed into the afterlife. Sure enough, Tesla’s mother HAD passed away. This led Tesla toward the idea that intelligence could be transmitted over the air waves. It wasn’t long after that the radio race began and the world has never been the same.

The link I received today was to an amazing PBS documentary on Nikola Tesla. This documentary covered all sorts of interesting things and photographs that are not so easy to find these days.

While I was sitting there truly enjoying the mans visionary achievements, a strange occurrence manifested itself. Hundreds of miles away from me a friend of mine who I have a very deep connection was in her shower. During this exact time she began pondering the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla and became very curious. She said that she was experiencing a deep level of thought about the man and his life. Even though this is not generally the topic of her interest, she was feeling very informed about him for some reason. Even knowing things that she had really never heard about the man before.

When we spoke shortly thereafter and she realized what had happened, she was kind of shocked. Even though our connection allows us to share things at great distances, she had never experienced this much detail before. She even asked me about certain information that had been running through her mind, and it was in line with the things I had just been watching. A case of advanced “remote viewing” or simply a coincidence?? I will let you be the judge of that…

So enjoy this documentary about one of the most amazing visionaries of days gone by who’s work can STILL be seen from space even today.