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Greenville SC Wedding Minister and Wedding Officiant

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As one of Greenville’s most trusted intuitive advisors, it is only natural that many couples ask if I can bind them in matrimony. The answer is YES I CAN!

Often times, couples run into various difficulties in finding a minister to officiate their special day. Some couples do not have a “home church” with a minister they trust. Others run into problems based on mixed faiths, past marital situation or other dogma. Forget all those past hassles… your search has led you to here for a reason.

My goal is to make your special day as trouble free as possible! As an ordained minister recognized by the state of South Carolina, I am here to make your dream day a reality.

Allow me to be your professional wedding officiant and rest assured you can count my years of public speaking experience to bring a memorable ceremony no matter how big or how small. I have an assortment of ceremonies to select from or can work with you to customize your ceremony to fit your needs.

  • Ceremonies of all types can be arranged from traditional religious vows to: non religious, inter faith, humanist, christian non denominational, pagan, etc. All Faith and cultures welcome!
  • Vow renewals are popular as are “affirmations of love” for same sex couples!
  • “Wedding in a hurry” is a short, simple and elegant option available at your location.
  • Elopements in Greenville, SC! Perfect for a couple and 4 guests. You come see me near Simpsonville, lovely indoor/outdoor options available.

I travel all over South Carolina including: Greenville, Clemson, Anderson, Spartanburg, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Easley, Columbia or where ever your special day will be held.

Rates are based on several factors but start at $150 for the basic elopement and start at $200 for the “wedding in a hurry” at your location. Travel and other options such as additional rituals, custom vows and ceremonies will add a little to the rates.

Weddings and elopments available most days of the week and weekends so get in touch with me and we can make your arrangements. Elopements available on short notice!

Consultation is FREE! The best way to get in touch with me is to email me at the email address you see at the top of the page or you can call me at 864-248-6472


Psychics the original life coach Greenville, SC Jason Profit

Today it is becoming more and more common for folks to employ the services of a “life coach” to help them make the best of their lives. Men and Women alike use the services of a life coach these days… but are they getting the most they can?

Just about anyone can call themselves a “life coach”, so you have to be careful who you choose as your coach for your life.

Here is something to consider though. Across the ages, the wisest most important people throughout history have consulted with oracles and prophets. Even Nancy Ragan used an astrologer!

IF you are seeking the services of a “Life Coach” consider your local trusted psychic, Jason Profit as smart option. Many business people and professional folks call me for insights into their lives and business to help them make the best choices for themselves.

You will be free to ask questions, in fact the more detailed your questions the more detailed the insights will be.

As an intuitive counsel, I have the ability to see a ways further down the proverbial path than your average “Life Coach” ever could. Therein lies the benefit of being able to make more informed decisions based on insightful revelations. For thousands and thousands of years the most informed and influential people often have the counsel of the ulimate life coach… their trusted psychic.

Now you can too! All you have to do is call me at: 864-248-6472 or EMAIL me at the addresss at the top of the page…

Tell me you are interested in my “life coach” based reading and we will get you scheduled in for your private appointment!

Whether you are in Greenville South Carolina, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Anderson, Spartanburg or even Asheville NC… Give me call!

Jason Profit


Greenville Ghost Tours explore the chilling details of our haunted downtown


Jason Profit, Greenville Ghost Tour

Greenville Ghost Tour explores the chilling details of our haunted downtown

Greenville, SC, 9/7/09 Every Friday and Saturday night in October, local psychic and ghost hunter Jason Profit leads guests on a creepy 90 minute walking tour that uncovers the ghosts and hauntings in historic downtown Greenville.

Jason has researched and investigated some of the areas most haunted places, so be prepared to learn a few interesting yet chilling things about this gorgeous southern town during this exclusive tour.

You will learn of grizzly crimes and first hand accounts of real ghost stories in many of downtowns most famous and haunted places.
Make sure to wear your walking shoes since the Greenville Ghost Tour begins in front of the Army Navy store in the West End, winds its way through downtown and concludes near the Hyatt. On this journey Jason narrates historic facts and local folk lore creating an unforgettably haunted evening of spooky fun for all ages.

You will even discover which building is called by some, Greenville’s “1408?… with a room where a ghost supposedly killed the resident. Watch out though! This same building also had its elevator plummet four floors in 2009!

What ghostly tales lie just beneath the shiny surface? Do you dare explore your curiosity?

The Greenville Ghost Tour is a year round tour that gets extremely popular around this time of year. Halloween tour dates fill up fast, so it is wise to reserve your tickets early. The tour is available on Friday and Saturday evening at 8pm during the months of September and October. Adult tickets are $20 and kids 4-13 are just $10.

To make your reservations you may visit their website: www.GreenvilleGhost.com or call Jason at: 864-248-6472.


Pre-Enroll now! Greenville Psychic Development Classes start soon!

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How would you like to learn more about the world of psychic abilities? Would you like to develop your own psychic abilities?

I am happy to announce that I am now accepting pre-enrollment for my popular Psychic Development Classes.

During this amazing 6 week interactive class you will get to experience and explore the basics of all sorts of psychic categories.

Classes will be starting in November so enroll now to make sure you get your spot!

We will cover these topics and many more:
*Palm Reading
*Auras and Aura Reading
*Psychic Healing

Seating is limited and each class is limited to only 20 students per class!

Contact me now to get your name on the list and get in on these exciting classes early before spots fill up.

Students will get to enjoy actual experiments and demonstrations of many of the topics we will be teaching and discussing.

These classes are 6 weeks in length and must be prepaid in full at the first class. The tuition for the classes is $120 (usually $240) for the entire 6 weeks. Classes will be once a week in the evenings. That is not $120 per week… That $120 covers the entire 6 week class.

The class price has been lowered for a short time to allow more people to explore the opportunities even though times are tight!

I look forward to seeing you in class if you want to develop your own psychic abilites!

Give me a call at 864.248.6472 so you can be first on the list and reserve your spot in the classes when they begin. In order to be on the list I will need your name and phone number so I can contact you when class begins.

Classes Will begin in November, The classroom is in Greenville, SC. Details will be provided to you when you sign up.

Get on the list now! See you in class!

Trusted Greenville, SC psychic says watch out for scammers and fakes


Greenville, SC, 3/3/09 Trusted Greenville psychic, Jason Profit, warns that during these times of economic uncertainty, scammers and fake psychics try to rip off consumers at home and online.

With the economy on everyone’s minds, it is a well publicized fact that psychics are busier than ever. Along with the legitimate psychics, there are also unscrupulous people who want to scam the public out of as much money as they can.
While consulting with a trustworthy psychic reader can be very rewarding when you are seeking answers and clarity, it can be difficult to know how to spot a fake.  According to Jason, there is an alarming rise of so called “psychics” who are scamming their customers. What is more alarming is that this trend is not only occurring around the globe and online, but right here in Greenville as well.

“Recently one of my regular clients told me that they had visited another local reader to see if she told him the same things I saw for him. This is not unusual. He then went on to ask what I knew about curses. I asked him how much she had told him the curse would cost remove. He told me $500 and that she had asked him how much of a deposit he could put down. I immediately let him in on the fact that he had been scammed.” Says Profit

So how do you spot a fake psychic who is trying to scam you? According to Profit – “If your reader tells you that you or your family has a curse, or you have a ‘blockage’ in your energy that will cost $500 or $1000 to remove… Get up… Call them a scammer and leave while you still have your money. There have been folks scammed out of tens of thousand of dollars in that way.  A legitimate psychic will never try and scam you out of thousands of dollars using the curse routine. Another sign of the quality of your reader is how you feel after your reading. If your reader touches on the important issues and you leave with better understanding and clarity, then your reader is most likely legit. If you are more confused afterwards than when you went in, find a trustworthy reader. I want the public to be aware and safe.”

Jason Profit is available for private consultation and ghost tours. He can be contacted at his website: www.ModernMindreader.com or by phone at: 864-248-6472